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Zero Exchange

Warning:information is not entirely relevant. See russian version.

Briefly, Zero Exchange - is a social network that enables people to achieve their goals through a mutually beneficial cooperation. Zero Exchange provides users with the following features:

  • Reliable partners. Each member of Zero Exchange cares about ​​its reputation.
  • Awareness. You can perform an analysis of economic indicators in real time.
  • Personal efficiency. Collaboration is beneficial for achieving personal goals.
  • Public efficiency. Absence of social parasites: only work brings rewards.
  • Stability. Absence of crises of the traditional economy.

In order to better understand the basic idea of ​​the project, please refer to the presentation,usage example and look at the demo. Interested developers can also take a look at the uncompleted architecture description and javadoc.

The mutual relations concept complements the principle of self-organization based on exchange.

You can express your thoughts about this work on the discussion page. You can also get the current project code from svn:

svn co https://svn.code.sf.net/p/zeroexchange/code/trunk

The latest version can be found here. The URL for the access 0.0.5 version (after war deployment in your local system) will look like:

If you wish to speed up the development process, just leave me a message.

Table of Contents

1. Terms
2. Simple Usage Example
3. Other Features
A. Release notes
B. Development Environment Setup